Monday, 24 September 2012

Thank you Mr Horan

Tamaki Intermediate School
80A Tripoli Road

20th September 2012

The Principal
Tamaki Intermediate

Dear Mr Horan

Hi , malo lelei ,my name is Patrick and in Room 8.Thank you Mr Horan for taking us and organising the trip to Wellington.

Thank you for booking our accommodation at the Downtown Backpackers Hotel.I really had a fun time on a plane seeing the sea . We were looking out the window of the plane and bought some food and some kid was talking to me about the exciting things we are going to do there.When we were in Wellington we all had a fun time going on the plane and then we went on the bus to go and look around Wellington around the Parliament, the Weta Cave, the ferry and the cable car.When we went up to the Carter Observatory there was an amazing view and  everyone was taking some pictures .

I have not been on a plane and  this was my first time in Wellington. Once we went on the ferry  to  Picton it was so beautiful.We went to this little place where you sit down and have lunch.We went back on the bus to go back on the  ferry.Then we had to go up to where we sat before it started to get rough and  the boat was going from side to side. Once when it was doing that everyone was sick, kids were puking and I was crying because I was in pain. I couldn’t feel my legs. When we were in Wellington I felt  better and  we went to the Railway Station to do  shopping.That was the best Wellington trip we ever had.

Thank you Mr Horan

Your sincerely

Friday, 31 August 2012

Caught Being Good Dad

Dear Mrs Baker

Hi my name is Patrick Prescott I am a year 8 student and I'm 12 years old.
My Dad's name is Tau Prescott.He is a Tongan man. He's got no hair and he's got tattoos on his arm and legs. He loves to race  other four wheel drive cars on the road. He also loves to spend time with us.His favorite hobbies is when he takes me, my brother David and my cousin to this rugby field and he teaches us how to play rugby.
My father has many responsibilities. There are three members in our family. They are my father, mother, and I. My father has to look after all of us. He has to provide me with books, paper and school fees.
My dad use to work for a builder. He loves to build stuff like the Harbour:Caught Being a Good Dad

Yours sincerely

Friday, 24 August 2012

Beach Volleyball

The same rules apply as in the indoor game - you've just got a ton of sand slowing you down.

Four players

1.Bring an all-weather, outdoor volleyball and a net system of regulation size to the beach.
2.Gather a minimum of four players (two per side)
3.Set up your court away from sunbathers, in an area where the ball will not continually roll into the water.
4.Play games to 15 points,earning a point only when you win a rally when you serve
5.Serve only once per turn and within the court lines(draw a line in the sand to mark these), or  forfeit the ball to your opponents.
6.Hit the ball a maximum of three times before it must go over the net to your opponents.
7.Bump the ball to a setter, who sets the ball for the spiker, who spiked the ball over the net (see "How to Bump a Volleyball,' "How to Set a Volleyball' and "How to Spike a Volleyball'). Do this without grabbing the ball or allowing it to rest in your hands. The same person cannot contact the ball twice in a row unless the first touch is off a block at the net.
8.Avoid touching the net at all times or lose the ball, and possibly a point.
9.Rotate player positions clockwise whenever your team has won a change in possession (called a 'side out,' it's when it's your turn to serve).
10.Play a set of three or five games. The team that wins the most games in the set is Play a set of three or five games. The team that wins the most games in the set is the winner

Rules:not allowed to touch the net and the ball has to go over the net.Server must serve from behind the restraining line  end line until after contact.

Ball may be served underhand or overhand.

Ball must be clearly visible to opponents before serve.

Served ball may graze the net and drop to the other side for point.

First game serve is determined by a volley, each subsequent game shall be served by the previous game loser.

Tips & Warnings
The less advanced the participants, the more players you'll need to cover the ground and have long rallies. It's tough to get around on sand.